Who we are and what we do

Terra de Direitos acts in the defense and promotion of human rights, mainly the economic, social, cultural and environmental rights. The organization emerged in 2002 and works with cases referred by social movements and civil society organizations that include situations of violation of human rights.

The organization works nationally on several topics and it’s present in North, northeast and south Brazil, with activities in Santarém, Pará, Recife and interior of Pernambuco, Curitiba and interior of Paraná. The team is composed of legal popular advisers, a press advice and integrates contributors from other areas.

Among the activities is the popular legal advice, held through the mediation of collective conflicts, the dialogue with the government, the formulation and submission of reports on national and international levels. Terra de Direitos develops opinions, researches and reports to analyze public policies, laws, lawsuits and other human rights related documents. Is also includes spaces for civil society articulation and promotes training in human rights and incidence (advocacy).

Over the years the work of Terra de Direitos was also recognized by major awards such as the Human Rights Defenders Award – category Dorothy Stang, from the Special Departament f Human Rights, and the Fight for the Land Award, celebrating the 25 years of the MST, in addition to awards received by team members such as the Robert F. Kennedy Award of human rights.

How we act
Terra de Direitos currently organizes its activities from four lines of action:

Land, Territory and Socio-Spatial Equality
Ensure the recognition and realization of the human right to land, both rural and urban, and to the territory of peoples and traditional communities. Works for the strengthening of spaces and tools that allow the realization of socio-spatial equity, land reform and regulation of the territories of traditional people.

Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty
Ensuring the right of farmers and traditional people to free usage of biodiversity and the
recognition of traditional knowledge, enabling the free usage of genetic resources for food and for the conservation of agrobiodiversity.

Justiciability of Human Rights and Democratization of Justice
Strengthen the development of tools for chargeability and execution of Human Rights within the Judiciary, developing actions of popular legal advice and creating a culture of Human Right for the democratization of Justice.

Politics and Culture of Human Rights
Working to build a new culture of human rights; recognize and strengthen the actions of supporters as subjects of social form monitoring and enforceability of human rights.

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