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Brazilian Human Rights Defenders Committee | Public Statement: Marielle Lives!

It is with deep sadness and sorrow that the Brazilian Committee of Human Rights Defenders (CBDDH) voices indignation in face of Marielle Franco ́s coward assassination, expressing solidarity with all people who nourish for her affection and admiration.

To her family members and friends we express our most sincere and fraternal condolences.

Marielle ́s killing is the severest concrete evidence of the violence intending to silent and intimidate Human Rights Defenders in Brazil.

Marielle ́s killing is the expression of the structural racism of a society which violates black people bodies on a daily basis.

Marielle Franco, a blackwoman coucillor, has struggled tireless against police brutality affecting mostly Brazilian black population – men and women. Currently, she was a relevant voice of criticism of federal government military intervention in public security affairs in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Marielle ́s killing is the death of the institutions and democracy in our country.

We will not be silent!

Marielle lives!

Brasília/DF, March 16th 2018.
Brazilian Human Rights Defenders Committee

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