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Why are Brazilian elections at risk?

The erosion of democracy is associated with a strong setback in human rights. Since the beginning of the Bolsonaro administration, public policies on human rights have been converted into anti-democratic, anti-rights, anti-Indigenous, anti-quilombola, anti-women, and anti-LGBT agendas.

In October 2022, elections will be held for the Federal Executive Branch (President of the Republic) and the State Executive Branch (state governors), as well as for the Federal Legislative Branch (federal deputies and senators) and State Legislative Branch (state deputies). The elections will be held on October 2, and a potential second round will be held on October 30.

The risks related to the holding of national elections in Brazil this year (2022) are associated with:

- the attacks on electoral institutions promoted by the President of the Republic himself,

- the substantial increase in political violence, especially against Black women, the LGBTI+ population, Indigenous peoples, and the working classes

- a substantial increase in hate speech by public authorities

- the institutional promotion of violence and the use of weapons

- explicit threats against candidates,

- interventions from the armed forces into politics,

- the disinformation policy promoted and spread by the President of the Republic himself.

- the risks and threats against the freedom of the press.

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