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06/02/2020  •  Human Rights Defenders +

What really happens in the Amazon Forest

We wanted to listen to the stories of peoples’ resistance to the siege imposed by capitalism on the Amazon

06/02/2020  •  Human Rights Defenders +

The siege explained on a map

This is the first text in the story “What really happens in the Amazon Forest”.

06/02/2020  •  Human Rights Defenders +

A face printed on a T-shirt

Chico Mendes, Marielle Franco, Dorothy Stang, Berta Cáceres, among others were in T-shirt

06/02/2020  •  Human Rights Defenders +

The motorcycle night

there’s no easy sleep in the corners of Brazil for those who dare to defend the rights of small farmers and rural workers

06/02/2020  •  Human Rights Defenders +

If well organized, everyone fights

This is the last part in the story “What really happens in the Amazon Forest”

11/10/2019  •  Human Rights Defenders +

Letterthe Amazon Peoples

They have joined forces to destroy the Amazon, but we have joined forces to defend it!

11/01/2018  •  Human Rights Defenders +

IACHR conducts in loco visit to Brazil

The IACHR will conduct field observations on the human rights situation in the country

03/19/2018  •  Human Rights Defenders +

Brazilian Human Rights Defenders Committee | Public Statement: Marielle Lives!

It is with deep sadness and sorrow that the Brazilian Committee of Human Rights Defenders (CBDDH) voices indignation in face of Marielle Franco ́s coward assassination, expressing solidarity with all people who nourish for her affection and...

07/31/2017  •  Human Rights Defenders +

Pau D’Arco Massacre: federal investigation may stop in midstream

The investigation of the Pau D’Arco Massacre may stop in midstream if the Federal Government does not keep the Federal Police team in charge of the investigation at the site. Following the repercussion over the killing of 10 rural workers on May...

07/07/2017  •  Human Rights Defenders +

Pará Human Rights Defenders Network created in Marabá

With the aim of strengthening local protection networks, the Brazilian Human Rights Defenders Committee held a workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday (3 and 4/7) in Marabá (PA) for human rights defenders22 entities and social movements in Pará.

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