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06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

What really happens in the Amazon Forest

We wanted to listen to the stories of peoples’ resistance to the siege imposed by capitalism on the Amazon

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

A port stuck in the “mouth” of the river

Embraps (Brazilian Company of Ports of Santarém, in English) intends to install a port at “Boca do Maicá” (Maicá’s Mouth),

06/02/2020  •  Quilombolas +

Health center and quilombola school: the struggle changes life

This is part of the story “What really happens in the Amazon Forest”

11/21/2019  •  Land Conflicts +

Amazon peoples’ resistance will be shown in film at International Institute of Social Studies, in Netherlands

The documentary entitled Tapajó’s Life portrays how riverside and quilombola communities have organized themselves to against mega projects

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