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05/13/2023  •  Quilombolas +

At the current pace, Brazil will take 2,188 years to title quilombola territories with processes open at Incra

Slowness, insufficient budget and fragile land policies mark the slow progress of the Brazilian State in guaranteeing the right

03/28/2022  •  Quilombolas +

Study points out 94 racist speeches/statements by authorities in the 3 years of Bolsonaro’s administration

A survey from Conaq and Terra de Direitos reveals that only one of the cases had those involved accountable by the end of 2021

08/31/2021  •  Quilombolas +

Quilombola Vaccinometer

Report on the monitoring of vaccination against Covid-19 in Quilombola communities - 1st Edition

02/25/2021  •  Quilombolas +

Due to State’s omission, Federal Supreme Court established protection measures for quilombos against Covid-19

With the participation of Conaq, the government has 30 days to elaborate a plan. Justices also suspended evictions and displacements

06/02/2020  •  Quilombolas +

A port stuck in the “mouth” of the river

Embraps (Brazilian Company of Ports of Santarém, in English) intends to install a port at “Boca do Maicá” (Maicá’s Mouth),

05/23/2019  •  Quilombolas +

Why is the land titling of the Invernada Paiol de Telha Quilombo so emblematic?

Paiol de Telha is the first Quilombola community to obtain partial land titling in the state of Paraná and under the Bolsonaro government

02/13/2019  •  Quilombolas +

Organizations denounce racism and Quilombola rights violations to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission

Lack of Brazilian State commitment to territory titling and growing undermining of policies are subject of Commission hearing in Bolivia

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