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09/16/2022  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Cinema of Resistance: documentary about flower pickers that struggle to defend traditional territories

Released during the 2nd Festival das Apanhadoras, in Diamantina (MG), the record reports the move of monocultures

05/22/2020  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Women Activists Latin America dialogue with Vandana Shiva

The video conference took place on Friday May 15, 2020 as Vandana Shiva addressed participantsall over Latin America.

02/23/2018  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Movements of Millions Say No to Gene Drives as Brazil Attempts to Legalize Genetic Extinction Technology

Regulatory change would spread modified genetic traits to wild organisms

02/07/2018  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

CTNBio: Novel GMOs threaten peasants, food sovereignty and nature

On January 22, 2018, a new Resolutionpublished by the CTNBio, Brazil’s federal authority for the biosafety of transgenic organisms, enacted rules to handle several new biotechnologies that use genetic engineering for novel purposes

10/17/2017  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Brazilian Supreme Court judges the reduction of protection areasAmazonia

The Supreme Federal Court, the highest court of law in Brazilian judicial branch, will decide if a provisional measure (equivalent of an executive order) about preserved areas in Amazon is in accordance with the Constitution.

10/09/2017  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

In Brazil, law allowing increased deforestation is judged by Supreme Court

The Federal Supreme Court, the highest court in the Brazilian Judiciary System, will judge next Wednesday (11) four petitions indicating that the Federal Law known as the Forestry Code is contrary to the provisions of Brazil’s Federal Constitution.

08/26/2014  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Critical vote on the GM mosquito

The Brazilian regulator Comissão Técnica Nacional de Biossegurança oncludes risk assessment on commercial release of GM Mosquito OX513

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