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09/19/2019  •  Land Conflicts +

While Brazilian Amazon burns, Supreme Court ruling keeps 57,000 hectares of forest unprotected

Justices of the highest court in Brazilian judiciary system maintain ruling authorizing reduction of seven protection areas in the Amazon

05/23/2019  •  Quilombolas +

Why is the land titling of the Invernada Paiol de Telha Quilombo so emblematic?

Paiol de Telha is the first Quilombola community to obtain partial land titling in the state of Paraná and under the Bolsonaro government

02/13/2019  •  Quilombolas +

Organizations denounce racism and Quilombola rights violations to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission

Lack of Brazilian State commitment to territory titling and growing undermining of policies are subject of Commission hearing in Bolivia

11/30/2018  •  Business and Human Rights Violations +

Syngenta found guilty of murder of MST leader in southern Brazil

Court upheld 2015 decision and held transnational corporation liable for death of Valmir \"Keno\" Mota de Oliveira

11/01/2018  •  Human Rights Defenders +

IACHR conducts in loco visit to Brazil

The IACHR will conduct field observations on the human rights situation in the country

04/11/2018  •  Democratization of Justice +

Regional organizations express concern over the grave situation in Brazil

We urge all the countries in the region, in the corresponding intergovernmental space, as well as international organization of human rights, such as the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, to take a stand over the grave situation in Brazil.

03/19/2018  •  Human Rights Defenders +

Brazilian Human Rights Defenders Committee | Public Statement: Marielle Lives!

It is with deep sadness and sorrow that the Brazilian Committee of Human Rights Defenders (CBDDH) voices indignation in face of Marielle Franco ́s coward assassination, expressing solidarity with all people who nourish for her affection and...

02/23/2018  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Movements of Millions Say No to Gene Drives as Brazil Attempts to Legalize Genetic Extinction Technology

Regulatory change would spread modified genetic traits to wild organisms

02/07/2018  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

CTNBio: Novel GMOs threaten peasants, food sovereignty and nature

On January 22, 2018, a new Resolutionpublished by the CTNBio, Brazil’s federal authority for the biosafety of transgenic organisms, enacted rules to handle several new biotechnologies that use genetic engineering for novel purposes

10/17/2017  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Brazilian Supreme Court judges the reduction of protection areasAmazonia

The Supreme Federal Court, the highest court of law in Brazilian judicial branch, will decide if a provisional measure (equivalent of an executive order) about preserved areas in Amazon is in accordance with the Constitution.

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