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06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

The siege explained on a map

This is the first text in the story “What really happens in the Amazon Forest”.

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

A port stuck in the “mouth” of the river

Embraps (Brazilian Company of Ports of Santarém, in English) intends to install a port at “Boca do Maicá” (Maicá’s Mouth),

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

Before the port arrives (if it does), the impacts already did

Nobody knows for sure: if they’ll leave or if they’ll stay; to if going some else; in which conditions if staying.

06/02/2020  •  Quilombolas +

Health center and quilombola school: the struggle changes life

This is part of the story “What really happens in the Amazon Forest”

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

Curuaúna: on one side, soy. And on the other? Also soy

Poison oozesthe vast soy fields towards the quilombos and the waters of the Maicá River.

06/02/2020  •  Human Rights Defenders +

A face printed on a T-shirt

Chico Mendes, Marielle Franco, Dorothy Stang, Berta Cáceres, among others were in T-shirt

06/02/2020  •  Human Rights Defenders +

The motorcycle night

there’s no easy sleep in the corners of Brazil for those who dare to defend the rights of small farmers and rural workers

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

If well organized, everyone fights

This is the last part in the story “What really happens in the Amazon Forest”

05/22/2020  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Women Activists Latin America dialogue with Vandana Shiva

The video conference took place on Friday May 15, 2020 as Vandana Shiva addressed participantsall over Latin America.


In defense of economic, social, cultural and environmental rights: the work of Terra de Direitos in the Covid

In this work horizon, the organization claims that the right to life, healthcare, food, education, social security, territory.

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