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The Brazilian Government systematically violates Convention 169, as denounced by organizations to the ILO

The milestone of protection of traditional peoples has been violated by the country.

06/28/2021  •  Business and Human Rights Violations +

Study on the social, and environmental impacts of Cargill in the Tapajós is released by Terra de Direitos

The unprecedented survey points out that Cargill’s licenses to operate are still being renewed

02/25/2021  •  Quilombolas +

Due to State’s omission, Federal Supreme Court established protection measures for quilombos against Covid-19

With the participation of Conaq, the government has 30 days to elaborate a plan. Justices also suspended evictions and displacements

06/26/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

What are the threats behind the militarization of the fight against deforestation in Brazil?

In this article, we highlight 3 aspects regarding the main changes brought by this process

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

What really happens in the Amazon Forest

We wanted to listen to the stories of peoples’ resistance to the siege imposed by capitalism on the Amazon

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

Who is favored by Bolsonaro’s responses to the fires?

We can saythe start: only the market, land grabbers, agribusiness.

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

The “win-win” of companies with the financialization of nature

This is part 3 of the introduction to the story “What really happens in the Amazon Forest”.

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

After all, who is behind these crimes?

We talked a lot about the Market, the Companies, the Industry, the Ruralists.

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

The siege explained on a map

This is the first text in the story “What really happens in the Amazon Forest”.

06/02/2020  •  Land Conflicts +

A port stuck in the “mouth” of the river

Embraps (Brazilian Company of Ports of Santarém, in English) intends to install a port at “Boca do Maicá” (Maicá’s Mouth),

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